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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  May 6, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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>> good evening. with all due respect to chris christie, you are caught in the biggest showdown in your state. ♪ mark: a fitting celebration for orson welles's 100 birthday. rejections, and british elections. first, the iowa elections. marco rubio is a rising star and jeb bush is far away. bush has lost half of his support. this is all part of a growing
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trend in the political world that jet is the money king, and scott walker is strong in iowa. his marco rubio the front runner? john: he is the guy with a hot hands. it is hard to call him a front runner who is not leading in any poll. he has the momentum, he is on the rise. walker's petering out. bush seems to be collapsing. rubio's positive rating is so strong, i look at that more than any other part of the horse race. mark: he is not the front runner but here is what he has. he is the face of the future of the party. everybody thinks that he can be in the game for the nomination and probably will be. there are people who say that walker bush will not stand up. most everybody agrees that if rubio survives the scrutiny, he will be in the game. john: just to get the numbers on
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their, 69% favorable. those are numbers you would sell to your mother if you are running for president. there is some announcement bump, but my question for you is what is going on with jeb bush? he is falling apart in iowa. what is the expedition for that? mark: he is spending his time raising money. in two months, he will be spending more time with voters in the race. he is so caught up with the past, and he needs to well them. there is a dinner coming up that he needs to well hat. john: one republican said, cruise announcement, paul announcement, where is jeb's announcement? on a lot of people are getting
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out in front of bush and the announcement. right now, the fact that he is not in public as a candidate is bad. mark: in the coming weeks, he will begin to show more of his heart. we will test at all of these theories on monday. john: now, it is time for robbie mook. clinton told an audience that she backs nothing less than full and equal path for citizenship for undocumented immigrants. this morning, the campaign manager visited the squawk box crew on sin d.c. armed with a haircut and a talking point about the republican candidates's positions on immigration.
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>> she made this a defining issue in the election. there is very clear contrast with the republicans. not one of them has clearly and consistently supported a path to citizenship that is full and equal. you see some of the candidates waffling some of them are supporting second-class citizenship, and that is not enough. john: a big move by hillary clinton. a political masterstroke? or could it backfire? mark: she is a freight train on this issue in line with not just hispanics not just with her own party, but with the business community, religious community, with the heart of jeb bush. republicans were loath to criticize her. to criticize or in a way that didn't make any sense. she is smart to get out in front
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in this state. john: apart from scott walker, dead silence from every other republican candidate, even the ones who are harshest on immigration, not attacking her. they know that they can't get right with the hispanic vote. mark: when jeb bush says he is for a path to citizenship, and she is for a path for legalization. it helps her now, because it shows she is being decisive. on the other hand her team was busy today, thanks to a trifecta of headlines. number one, bill clinton in morocco. in a cnn interview, there was a direct shot at the book that is causing clinton's headaches. in marrakesh the former president was forced to
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explain the nonprofit. >> none of those people ask the question what this foundation is doing actually? what is the problem? >> i just work here, i don't know. look, there is one set of rules for politics in america and another set for real-life, and you have to learn how to deal with them. even the guy who wrote the book had to admit that he didn't have a shred of evidence, he thought he would just throw it out there. mark: headline number two the state department official testified on capitol hill that hillary's use of a private e-mail account, not so good. >> i think the message is loud
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and clear that that is not acceptable. mark: number three senator bernie sanders from vermont took a jab at the clinton 90's while introducing a bill that would make it possible to break up banks that are too big to fail. bernie sanders: i was a proponent of greenspan and larry summers who all told us how wonderful it would be if we deregulated wall street back in the 1990's. mark: of all of these things, which is actually the worst news for hillary clinton? john: i have been tough on the clintons, on the e-mail thing and the foundation thing, and i think those are lingering problems. i think ernie sanders and what he represents is actually the biggest problem for her. she is hot right now, he will never be the nominee or the
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president, but she represents -- to have a challenge to her and discomfort with everything she stands for. that is a problem that is going to make this nomination fight harder and more complicated for her. mark: i will say that the worst thing today was bill clinton's performance. he is continued to talk about issues in a way that is not putting the things to rest. it is spooking some clinton supporters who say yeah, he is in africa, but we are going to get through this stuff. we need the bill clinton magic to be out there talking owls down for the trees, and for the second straight time, he is not doing it. john: bill clinton is not going to be on his best form where he is line. -- he is lying. he admitted he had not a shred of evidence -- he said he has no evidence of a quid pro quo, that is a different thing and that is a bill clinton tactic.
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let me finish my point. from a group of egomaniacs who play politics to a group of those same things who play football. a report from the nfl says tom brady was generally aware that a couple of the guys working for his team were more likely than not deflating footballs before the title game. nobody is surprised and neither is president obama who hosted the team at the white house. president obama: i usually tell jokes at these events, but with the patriots in town, i was worried that 11 out of 12 of them would fall flat. john: two questions. one, how surprised are you i this revelation? two, should the patriots be
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forced to give back the trophy? mark: i'm not that surprised. they get to keep the trophy because the league let them get away with this. all of the other teams were silent. it is ridiculous in a league that has some credibility problems. john: obviously they will not give the trophy back. it is the case that the super bowl victory but always be tainted. there always be a question. nobody knows -- they will always think of this super bowl as the one where the cheaters one. mark: the patriots cheated better than the other teams and a leak should be shamed for not punishing them. this investigation could have taken two minutes. they wanted, and they will keep it. john: this is a blight on tom brady's reputation.
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mark: a pioneer, jim wright, who represented ft. worth for 34 years and became the speaker of the united states house and died in a nursing home. he was a distinguished world war ii veteran and also the first speaker to be forced out of office and the circumstances were not pretty. he was charged with ethics violation, including taking gifts from the developer. he announces resignation on the house floor. jim wright can rest now knowing not much has changed. he kind of set it all off. john: newt gingrich brought him down. as you say, it was the beginning of the age of polarization that we now live in. mark: great record of service in the military, and crafty
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politics. john: we talked about the scandal in new england. after the break, hold england. -- old england. ♪
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mark: our guest is new to our company. we plan to go easy on him. the former editor in chief of the economist, thank you for coming on the show. it is a huge week across the pond and a lot of names are getting thrown around. let's talk about them. elizabeth diana, just kidding. let's talk about the elections tomorrow. we want to talk about the personality of those possible leaders. let's start with david cameron someone you got to know well. tell us about what he is like.
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john: cameron is very calm very good under pressure. after the last election, there was a moment where nobody had a majority. he was good at dealing with that. sometimes, that's like management can go into complacency. one of his problems is that he is surrounded by lots of people who look and talk like me. that is not necessarily something the british public is warm to. he has given the impression -- government is one of those things that you do with your chums and that is the way it works. that is not totally fair on him. he is good at taking tough positions and he is good to getting himself out of holes, a bit like bill clinton. mark: do people think he has been successful or fallen short?
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john micklethwait: he promised it would be difficult, he promised he would fix the economy. if you ask people who is the better leader, they go to david cameron. if you look from the outside, you talk to a lot of americans they say that cameron is going to put away. he is passing the tests that you expected incumbent to past. mark: the labor leader, ed miliband, is familiar to the country. as somebody running on personality or issues? john micklethwait: he is running on a version of inequality and fairness. he has gone out and selected a consortium of people. it is a bit like karl rove years ago. he found individual people, he has grabbed students and
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promised them things, he has told pensioners you would get this, he told the unemployed you would get benefits. he sort of has a blocking coalition together. that is the way he has been going. he has continually attacked cameron as being out of touch with the people. in a strange way, the beginning of the campaign, miliband did very well. recently, he has got in trouble with what to do with the scots. john: that being the scottish national party. we have seen elections were one candidate was more likable. it is not clear to me who is more likable between the two of them. john micklethwait: in british politics, the most likable people are the ones outside. people like nicholas sturgeon and forest johnson. the people at the top people don't go for. what is odd about the election
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is that you have everything reversed everything turned upside down. the labour party is based in scotland, scotland is where it comes from. in this election they could lose every scottish seat and yet miliband could end up there. it's like hillary clinton losing new york and california and still carrying the election. mark: ed miliband has a brother who also wanted to be prime minister, he had to shove his brother aside in order to be in a position he is now. that speaks to a certain coldness and ruthlessness that doesn't necessarily come across in his public persona. john micklethwait: his brother is stuck in a strange position. david miliband was the chosen miliband. during all of those gordon brown
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times, whenever there was a clot , it was always about bringing david miliband. the moment the election went, there was a race, and everybody expected and miliband to support his brother but he ran against him. it is very can enable. -- cain and abel. mark: does this have any implication for the united states? john micklethwait: they are close allies. cameron has not spend enough on it. miliband looks to spend even less. the issue with europe -- whatever happens, you can end up with britain coming apart. if the polls are right, you can end up with cameron governing in london, but with no with -- no support whatsoever in scotland. or, miliband governing in london
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with the help of scottish mps who english voters have no control over. the scots can vote ron english issues the english cannot vote on scottish issues. you will have going resentment in england about what is happening, because england gives scotland a lot of money. john: one last question. if you think about these two guys, the likelihood is that there will be a hung election. which of these two guys has a political resourcefulness and has a likelihood of cobbling together a coalition government? john micklethwait: most people still say cameron. because he did it before. he has a good ability to lose something -- that has happened. and then do something quickly. against that, everybody who underrated and miliband -- i say the wrong miliband did everybody
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who underrates him, he is quite close and a far better chance than anybody thought of getting there. john: our boss our friend. , we will abuse you more thoroughly. when we come back, the clinton high command revealed. ♪
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mark: big day in clinton land. bill clinton in morocco talking about the foundation, state departments saying hillary should not have used private e-mail. we have a bit more from hillary land. who is really in and out as part of her inner circle? joining us from los angeles, je nn. the story that we have on the site about the clinton campaign is based on a memo that lays out there management calls.
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tell everybody what struck you most about who is included in who is not. jenn: what we can see from this memo is a sense of who matters and who doesn't at this moment. a lot of names are to be expected. there are also couple people who were striking because they are long time clinton hands and it has been a lot of energy around let's not have old people. but those people are all there or a couple people are. her right hand woman is there any chance to get of the whole campaign. john: if you go back to 1992,
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the only names on this list throughout are grunwald. with the 2008 crowd, will that tension dissipate? mark: it seems to be a pretty collegial group. there are no names that would stun people, but it tells you who is at the starting lineup. it is the beginning of the season, it is an interesting mix rid more men than women, more new people than all people and a lot of obama people. john: very new school and very obama. of the obama people, are they fully integrated at this point? are they really going to be running this show? or are they just for show? jenn: there is an acknowledgment
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that she has to do more than just show that she is learning from the obama people, but actually learn from them and do what they thought what they think would work for her. and that is really something that is a difference and a change and it has been clear from some of the conversations i have been having out here that there is really a very strong sense of you need to learn from the obama team, you need to embrace them. but you also need to not pay attention to the people who are not going to be relevant anymore. to instead focus on the people who continued to be part of the day-to-day, people like margolis. mark: coming up, we will have what is coming up after this. ♪
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mark: our guest tomorrow is carly fiorina.
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thank you for watching, sayonara. ♪
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pimm: i'm pimm fox and this is when i am taking stock of today. tesla stock is getting a charge in late trading. shares are climbing after the carmaker reaffirms its sales forecast. tesla also said it is on track to deliver 55,000 vehicles lazear. the construction of the battery factory is ahead of schedule. earnings out including whole foods it's shares are falling. the chain reported revenue that trailed estimates. shares of couric


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